Kick off 2023 year with an English Wine Tour

As we welcome in 2023 English Wine Tour season, its good to reflect a little bit on the tour season of last year!  Lots of great things happened in 2022 and we felt that a blog to mentioned a few of them was in order!

We can't really say enough good things about the 2022 season but here are some key highlights:

  • Our favourite Londoners came out for private tours! Hen parties had been delayed and those milestone birthday parties missed, so our London base felt that a wine tour was in order!

  • International tourist returned after Covid restrictions were lifted (thank goodness and good riddens). 

  • The hot summer weather in 2022 was fantastic for English viticulture (average 17.2C).  We had low issues with fungus and really good sugar levels in the fruit which is perfect for still wine. Actually, all English fruit production did well including apples, pears and cherries!

  • New vineyards have become available for tastings.  Henners Vineyard and Mountfield Vineyard to name two!

  • While the weather was great it made the picnic lunches even better with all that sunshine and a glass of English Rosé wine!

While 2022 was great! We feel very optimistic that 2023 will even get even better! Book your English Wine Tour and we can explore the vineyards together!

Guests on an English Wine Tasting Tour at Bluebells Vineyard
These guests were enjoying a "behind the scene" moment in the winery at Bluebell Vineyard.