Get paid commissions to resell English wine tours

1) Select Your Reselling Channel

You will need to select a booking channel to access our booking platform which will enable you to get real-time availability of our seat inventory and product details for our tours.  You can seamlessly book for your clients straight away, verses calling us to check on availiablity, plus it allows us to track your commission earnings by using our booking system.  Please read throught the options below on how your account can be set up.

2) Complete Application Form

You will need to complete our online web application form to be set up as a reseller.  This will allow us to setup your account to track bookings and commissions. You will then become an offical "Booking Agent" and partner. 

Your channels, either widgets or booking area, will be setup once completed.


3) Start Selling Wine Tours

Once your application is complete and comissions fees agreed in our booking system, you will then need to be setup as a seller in our Stripe account.  You will recieve an email asking you to provide your bank details so that we can make payment to you. 

We can payout commissions to your bank account in over 30 different currencies. 


1) Choose a channel to book our wine tours?  

Embed widgets in your website

This method is very good if you have direct control over your website.  We can generate your own booking widgets (sniplets of HTML) so that you can embed our wine tours into your website.  Widgets do not require any coding or programming, just simply cut and paste the widget into a webpage.   Works well for bloggers and online travel agents.

Have your own booking area

We can setup a booking area for your account. The best way to think about a "booking area" is it's like a branded mini-website just for your company (or blog) to book wine tours for your clients.  You would making bookings for your clients for our wine tours, payment would be taken and and tickets issued.  Your commissions will be accounted for in the same way.  The booking area has a light back office area for agents to log in to view their bookings and comissions.  

2) Complete our Booking Agent application form  

Become a booking agent

We ask for rellers to complete our online booking agent web form to become a partner.  Please follow click the button below to complete the form.

Application form

3) Start selling wine tours  

Let's make memories together

Once your reseller application is approved and you have provided us with your bank details through Stripe (for commission payouts) then you can begin selling our wine tours! 

Two girls in vineyard on an English Wine Tour